Why JVD?



We are THE thin film deposition experts with decades of experience.  All we provide are high quality, precision thin films.  As devices get smaller, faster and more demanding, we meet today's new thin film coating challenges.  We replace older solder technologies such as preforms, solder paste and electroplating with a high quality alternative thin film solution.



  • Low temperature, low vacuum deposition of a wide range of solders and adhesion/barrier metals
  • Reliable thickness control
  • Photoresist compatible
  • Wide range of substrate types and geometries
  • Batch processing in addition to single part processing
  • Clean, green technology



Jet Process sources only the highest quality deposition materials to exacting standards from trusted suppliers.  Standard metal purity is a minimum of 99.99%.  Every lot is analyzed and certified for metal content and purity.  Alloy compositions are guaranteed to be within tight tolerances.



In addition to our numerous advantages versus conventional deposition techniques, we offer outstanding, second-to-none personal service.  We are customer focused.  We work with you to find the appropriate solution for your individual coating needs.  We serve the volume production customer as well as the prototype and R&D customer.  



We understand that we are but one step in the manufacture of your devices, and that time is of the essence.  We fit into your production schedule so that you can meet customer demands.  Most jobs ship within 3 days.  Check with us about the possibility of same day turnaround.  



Our white gloves are made of nitrile.  We understand that you have a great deal invested in your devices, which is why we treat your parts as if they were ours.  All customer parts are handled only by qualified personnel following strict handling procedures.  From receiving to storage to coating to shipping, we do everything we can to ensure proper handling, storage and a safe round trip.