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Jet Process Corporation

Jet Process Corporation (JPC) is a privately held thin film deposition service founded in 1991. We are the sole owner and developer of the versatile Jet Vapor DepositionTM (JVDTM) process for thin film solders and other thin film metal coatings.

We specialize in the deposition of lead free solders; these include eutectic and off-eutectic Gold-Tin, the Tin-Silver-Copper family, and many other lead free solder alloys. We also deposit related adhesion layers and diffusion barriers such as TiPtAu and TiNiAu.

Jet Vapor Deposition

JVD’s low temperature and low vacuum operating conditions are compatible with photoresist patterns, heat sensitive substrates, and mask materials, including materials which outgas.

JVD offers many advantages over conventional
techniques such as sputtering, evaporation, CVD and
electroplating, and has demonstrated its versatility in
a wide variety of contract R&D and production work.
JVD is an economical, safe, clean and environmentally
sound process.

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